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    Gift set “Three honeys – Man’s strength”

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    Gift set “Three honeys – Male strength” consists of rapeseed honey, honey dessert with pumpkin seeds and pollen.
    1. Rapeseed honey is pleasant and light in taste, may smell slightly of mustard. Color – white with a yellowish or gray tinge. It crystallizes quickly. Oily in consistency.
    Rapeseed honey is traditionally used to treat the heart, strengthens the structure of smooth muscles, promotes normal heart function.
    Removes heavy metals from the body, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to toxins.
    Rapeseed honey relieves fatigue and increases efficiency. High glucose stimulates mental activity. Eliminates enzymatic insufficiency of the liver and bile ducts.
    2. A mixture of honey with pumpkin seeds gives the human body such a necessary element as zinc. The presence of this element depends on the rate of wound healing, as well as the activity of brain functions. A man needs five or even eight times more zinc than a woman. Often from zinc deficiency a person begins to suffer from obesity. Pumpkin seeds with honey promotes the processing of fats, letting them on energy expenditure.
    100 g of pumpkin seeds contain 30 g of vegetable proteins, which are digested much better than animal counterparts. So, this dessert will be useful for vegans.
    3. Pollen is a nature-balanced vitamin-mineral energy complex, a natural stimulator of hematopoiesis. Increases hemoglobin levels. Pollen contains almost all trace elements that are part of human blood. It is especially recommended for use by city dwellers, the elderly, athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle.
    Pollen prevents edema, normalizes blood pressure, restores sexual function.
    – to increase immunity take 1 teaspoon of pollen 2-3 times a day. It is best to take half an hour before a meal, without rinsing with water (absorbed under the tongue). Course – 1 month. During the year it is desirable to conduct 3-4 courses. The best effect can be achieved by using a mixture of honey and pollen.
    – when the digestive system is disturbed, mix pollen with honey in a ratio of 1: 1. Take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day for 1.5 hours. before meals.
    – in diseases of prostatitis: maintenance dose – 10 g of pollen per day, shock dose – 30 g of pollen per day. It is best taken in the morning, 10-15 minutes before meals, but in any case at night or late in the evening. The course of treatment is 1 month, then 1 month break. It is recommended to conduct 4-6 courses per year.
    It is not recommended to take in case of individual intolerance to the product.

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