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Honey from TM Honey Way

this is a natural product first hand to your table

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Honey is collected in ecologically clean districts of Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions, without the use of chemical treatment and GMOs. In the process of production antibiotics, repellents, top dressing with sugar are not used. The private apiary has its own veterinary-sanitary passport, which characterizes its epizootic condition and fodder base. Each batch of honey is subjected to appropriate safety testing and meets national and international standards and is declared by the beekeeper.
The processing technology used is maximally focused on preserving the useful properties and taste of the raw material being packaged.
We do our best to ensure that you and your children consume a genuine, pure, natural product that benefits and vitals.
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Raw honey

TM “HONEY WAY” – the only producer in Ukraine that produces raw honey and has a patented technology for its packaging

Certified production

Production is certified by the HACCP system


it is honey that has not been subjected to heat treatment, pasteurization or filtration during packaging in consumer containers.

What is the difference between RAW HONEY  from ordinary honey?

Ordinary honey

  • May contain oxymethylfurfural – a carcinogenic compound formed during the heating of honey, and increases the risk of cancer.
  • Exposure to temperature destroys antioxidants and enzymes, reducing the healing and antibacterial properties of honey
  • May contain antibiotics or counterfeits


  • Raw honey crystallizes, acquires a dense and opaque consistency, as contains intact pollen grains
  • Contains intact propolis, amino acids, enzymes, volatile aromatic compounds, vitamins, antioxidants and antimicrobial enzymes
  • Honey remains alive and retains its maximum nutritional and medicinal value