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    Gift set “Three honeys – Sharp”

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    Gift set “Three honeys – Spicy” consists of buckwheat honey, coriander honey and dessert with almond kernels.
    1. Buckwheat honey has a peculiar strong aroma, strong and spicy taste that leaves a tickling sensation in the throat – a real pleasure for honey gourmets.
    The color of honey – from light brown to black.
    High content of iron and protein stimulates hematopoietic function, increases hemoglobin. Buckwheat honey contains more minerals, micro- and macro elements than light honey. Normalizes blood pressure, kidney and stomach function.
    2. Coriander honey contains a lot of essential oils, thanks to which it has a slightly sharp spicy aroma, caramel flavor and healing properties.
    Color – from light brown to amber.
    Useful in bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis. Slows down the heart rate and also significantly increases potency – not for nothing that coriander honey is considered “male honey”.
    3. Almonds are a real royal nut. Recommended for high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, intestinal ulcers, eye diseases.
    Almonds are especially useful in diabetes. According to Finnish scientists, this disease provokes a deficiency of vitamin E, and 100 g of honey with almonds contains the necessary daily human intake of this vitamin.
    Almonds with honey is an extremely useful and nutritious product, which combines two unique natural components.

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