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    Gift set “Three honeys – Seductive”

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    The gift set “Three Honey – Seductive” consists of rapeseed honey, linden honey and honey dessert with walnuts.
    1. Rapeseed honey is pleasant and light in taste, may slightly smell of mustard. Color – white with a yellowish or gray tinge. It crystallizes quickly. Oily in consistency.
    Rapeseed honey is traditionally used to treat the heart, strengthens the structure of smooth muscles, promotes normal heart function.
    Removes heavy metals from the body, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to toxins.
    Rapeseed honey relieves fatigue and increases efficiency. High glucose stimulates mental activity. Eliminates enzymatic insufficiency of the liver and bile ducts.
    2. Amazingly fragrant, mint-balsamic aroma and exquisite taste will transport you to the blossoming linden forest. The color of honey – from yellow to amber. The taste is slightly tart with a long aftertaste.
    Lime – the best honey for the treatment of colds and broncho-pulmonary diseases. Has bactericidal, antipyretic, diaphoretic action. Great as a tonic for the heart. When consumed with milk, insomnia overcomes perfectly.
    3. Walnut contains a complex of biologically active substances that activate the vessels of the brain. It is believed that honey with walnuts can relieve severe nervous tension.
    It is recommended for people engaged in mental and physical work.
    Walnut with honey is an extremely useful and nutritious product, which combines two unique natural components.

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