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Chocolate granola in a membrane of 500 g

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Granola from TM “Oats & Honey” is tenderly fried to a crispy oatmeal with the addition of nuts or fruits, sweetened with natural honey. Extremely tasty and just as healthy breakfast. It is difficult to imagine healthier food – there is a lot of fiber, vitamins and trace elements. Similar to muesli, but many times tastier due to the method of its production. It tastes good mixed with milk or juice. Due to the fact that granola is ready for consumption, in addition to the usual breakfast, it is consumed as a snack by people who lead an active lifestyle – tourists, athletes, businessmen. Granola is high in calories, contains complex carbohydrates and is well preserved. For the production of TM “Oats & Honey” granola we use only natural ingredients, do not add sugar and no flavor enhancers or preservatives.
Ingredients: fried oatmeal, natural flower honey, dark chocolate. Cocoa powder, dried fruits (cranberries, raisins) nuts (walnuts, cashews), pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, drinking water, salt, cinnamon Nutritional value and calories in 100 grams: 412.61 kcal., 1728.83 kJ. . Jury – 18.94, incl. saturated – 10.99 g., carbohydrates – 53.8 g, including natures. Sugar – 19.37 g., Protein – 8.82 g, sodium – 201.22 mg, dietary fiber – 6.2
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